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Librarian Clichée

Fashion has its own idea on how librarians like to dress:



Finding James Joyce in the Most Unlikely Places

The story has it all: A famous quotation, artificial intelligence and a cease and desist letter:

Librarians Against DRM

Currently there’s a lot of discussion after HarperCollins deigned that the life cycle a real life book equals 26 library check-outs – and thus concluded that a digital copy has to be re-bought every 26 check-outs.

So now there’s “Librarians Against DRM” and they have some nifty Logos to share.

Back into Business

I’ve finally, finally managed to move the blog to this account. So not only will new content be added, but I can finally get rid of the backlog of links that’s been housing several generations of digital dustbunnies.  (OK, that only brings joy and happiness to me and my browser. Well, now you know.)

Edgar Allen Poe Wall Art

On Etsy there are always interesting things to find. This is a print / print compositon to decorate walls.  (At first I thought it’s a decal, but it turned out that I was wrong.) It seems the seller also offers to make a special print from any picture you like. They also have Alice in Wonderland and another Poe print in their shop. However, if they don’t change their attitude towards copyrighted material, chances are they’ll be out of business soon. (They offer prints from movies / fairly recents posters.)[]=tags&includes[]=title

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Jane Austen’s novel with some … let’s call them “enhancements”. The title gave it away, someone (called Seth Grahame-Smith) decided that there aren’t enough zombies in the novel and decided to add some for your reading pleasure:

What did you do all day? is a blog  not only on writers, but with enough writing routines covered to make it here.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how other people get their stuff done (hint: probably not by surfing blogs on the internet), this is your your answer.