Theatrical Plays in SL

Second Life. There. I said it. Will you read on, nevertheless?

No doubt, the hype about SL (Second Life) is over. Finally.

With most the gold diggers, big companies and sex tourists gone, the virtual world is back to exploring itself. It’s a vast, mostly empty landscape. An alluring playground for geeks, programmers and artists.

With the 06/07 media hype concentrating on making a quick buck and raunchy adventures, it managed to miss the many creative endeavors that also are a part of SL. Granted, many of them have grown since then and social networks only recently have received some attention as a means of collaboration in “real life” (RL).

While I don’t want to turn this blog into a flashing ad post, saying “everything is fine in SL”, I still will cover some of the projects, readings, events that make SL the test ground for another approach towards literature.

In case there is already someone reading this mostly beta version of the blog:

Today it’s not Shakespeare (there wil be entries about Shakespeare in SL), but a theatrical play:

To quote from the notecard (the flyer equivalent in SL ): “2 performances of “Alcohol”  AUGUST 28 Noon and 7PM SLT.  Two special preview performances in Second Life on Thursday August‭ ‬28th prior to the world premiere in New York City on September‭ ‬11th.‭   Tromavill, Broadway Live South (123, 182, 33).”

(The last being the coordinates of the place where the performance will take place – it’s called a SLURL and I still have to work out how to add a clickable one to a blog. btw: unlike what ppl tell you: SL is for free and even if you want to dress up your virtual representation, there is plenty of free items all around. However, if you go there to actually make money: there’s a reason why the hype finally calmed down.)


One response to “Theatrical Plays in SL

  1. It’s very simple to add a SLurl. Go to and click on “Build your own SLurls”. Feed in the region and coordinates, click the button, then copy the result and paste it in to your article like any other anchor you’re making.

    As for making money, it can be done. Just look at Anshe Chung and a few other creative or entrepreneurial avatars out there. (I was going to say “souls,” but does an avatar have a soul?) It simply takes as much dedication to building your business as RL does, plus the peculiar creativity that Second Life demands. You can’t sit back on your heels and expect the lindens to drop on you.

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